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  • Hitachi CP-DX300 Portable Projectors
    Hitachi CP-DX300 Portable Projectors

    Hitachi’s CP-DX300 DLP® projector represents the new standard for classroom environments and versatility with high resolution

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  • Hitachi CP-EW250N Portable Projector
    Hitachi CP-EW250N Portable Projector

    Intelligent Eco Mode
    Projector Monitoring and Control from a remote location

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  • Hitachi CP-EX250 Education Projector
    Hitachi CP-EX250 Education Projector

    The CPEX250 is a lightweight XGA resolution portable projector that offers another ideal mobile presentation

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  • Hitachi CP-EX300 LCD Projector
    Hitachi CP-EX300 LCD Projector

    Being able to give a powerful presentation anywhere is vital for modern mobile professionals. Weighing as little as

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  • Hitachi CP-WU13K DLP Projector
    Hitachi CP-WU13K DLP Projector

    As part of Hitachi’s Professional Series, the CP-WU13K DLP® projector is a true achievement in graphics display technology

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  • Hitachi CPA222WNM Ultra-Short Throw Projector
    Hitachi CPA222WNM Ultra-Short Throw Projector

    The light weight and compact CP-A222WNM Ultimate Short Throw projector offers the highest quality images with

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  • Hitachi CPCX250 Professional projector
    Hitachi CPCX250 Professional projector

    3LCD – A sophisticated, innovative technology that utilises 3 chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life and consistent

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  • Hitachi CPDH300 Portable Projector
    Hitachi CPDH300 Portable Projector

    Hitachi's CP-DH300 Portable Projector with 3000 ANSI Lumens, Full HD Resolution & 2000:1 Contrast Ratio

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  • Hitachi CPEW300N Portable Projector
    Hitachi CPEW300N Portable Projector

    ImageCare Technology: ImageCare is a lamp power control function that combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy

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  • Hitachi CPEX400 LCD Projector
    Hitachi CPEX400 LCD Projector

    High spec feature in an LED Projector with increased brightness packed with useful functions

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  • Hitachi CPSX12000 Professional Series
    Hitachi CPSX12000 Professional Series

    Uncompromising quality, flexibility of installation and extended product life are features on offer with our Professional Series Installation Projectors.

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  • Hitachi CPWU9410 Installation Projector
    Hitachi CPWU9410 Installation Projector

    Uncompromising quality, flexibility of installation and extended product life are features on offer with our 9000 Series.

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