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  • ANYSHOP e2 POS Terminals
    ANYSHOP e2 POS Terminals

    The stylish ANYSHOP® e2 is an user- friendly POS terminal. Anyone can install or replace its optional

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    The ANYSHOP® PRIME employs the 4th generation Intel®Core™ Haswell i3, i5, i7 and

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  • APEXA G Point of sales monitor
    APEXA G POS Terminal

    The new APEXA®G represents the latest evolution of our POS terminal design. Its modern and contemporary

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  • BLUO POS Terminals
    BLUO POS Terminals

    The BLUO is a compact POS System designed to fit into any store environments. Its practical and unique design

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  • BOXPOS POS Terminals
    BOXPOS POS Terminals

    The retail-hardened BOXPOS, offers maximum performance and extreme durability, enabling it to use as a POS

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  • IMPREX PRIME POS Terminals
    IMPREX PRIME POS Terminals

    The IMPREX® PRIME is a whole new generation of high-end all-in-one POS system, featuring innovative design,

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  • POSMO II POS Touch Monitor
    POSMO II POS Touch Monitor

    The POSMO II is a compact touchscreen display developed to provide the most cost-effective solution

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