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Till manager
Powerful, innovative back office software with CasioPOS

TillManager™ from Astute® is a comprehensive but easy-to-use PC-based interface for CASIO electronic cash registers and touch-screen terminals.It gives you increased control and functionality for programming your cash register, reporting, and managing your inventory. It includes:


  • Comprehensive end user programming capabilities
  • Product ordering, historical sales reporting and profit analysis
  • Full graphical representation of key pads and QT6-series screen layouts
  • Complete maintenance of the point-of-sale terminal
  • Scheduled communications
  • A simple-to-use inventory and stock control feature.
Software Overview
Notable Features (dependent on version)

TillManager allows a user to connect multiple Casio electronic cash registers (ECRs) to a personal computer system for ease of programming, control and sales reporting.

Its simple and easy-to-use interface enables you to program electronic cash register PLUs, departments, groups, clerks, lists, and so on using a graphical user interface. It allows you to report on and export key sales information and gives you increased control and functionality for cash register programming and reporting.

TillManager also includes scheduled communications, historical reporting, integrated back-up and graphical representation for programming key maps and QT6-series screen maps.

Casio have a set of similar products such as CV11, CV21, CV31 and CV33. These are ostensibly dealer tools whereas TillManager is more end use focused and supports all of the current mid to high end Casio ECR models in one product rather than several.

  • Historical reports by date range and various groupings
  • Fully integrated and easy-to-use inventory and stock control
  • Analysis reporting – best and worst, seven-day, items not sold, and so on
  • Exporting of sales data to popular accounting packages
  • Label printing for scanning PLUs, plus export option for use with label printing packages
  • Key map export for printing register keyboard overlay sheets
  • Time and attendance management, costing and reporting
  • Date range-based pricing for in-store specials
  • Full Add Mode (monetary decimal places) support
  • Dynamic IP address access to network-supported cash registers (QT6 and SE6) over the internet
  • Multi location consolidation and configuration for programming and reporting
  • Scripted and scheduled running for cash register updates and sales data collection at any time
  • Automatic emailing of reports as part of the script process
  • Integrated back-up facility
Software Overview

TillManager can communicate with the following Casio cash registers:

  • QT-2100, QT-6000, QT-6100, QT-6600
  • TE-7000S, TE-8000F, TE-8500F
  • TE-3000S, TE-4000F, TE-4500F, TK-7000
  • TE-2200, TE-2400, TK-3200, TK-T200
  • SE-C6000, SE-S6000
  • SE-C300, SE-S300, SE-C2000, SE-S2000 (programming only).


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