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Datalogic Gryphon I 4400-HC Barcode Reader

Datalogic Gryphon I 4400-HC Barcode Reader

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The scanners from Datalogic's healthcare family are engineered specifically to fulfill the diverse requirements in the healthcare sector.


Technical Details

The scanners from Datalogic’s healthcare family are engineered specifically to fulfill the diverse requirements in the healthcare sector. Therefore, the Gryphon I 4400-HC ideally fits into demanding laboratory and hospital environments. Its sturdy special housing contains anti-microbial additives. It also resists daily cleaning with harsh disinfectants. The scanner is highly reliable and able to read the whole range of barcodes at high speed and omnidirectionally, even from mobile devices or monitor screens.

In addition to barcode scanning, it can be used as a camera for special tasks, such as the capture of signatures and documents. With its high motion tolerance, automatic change between handheld and presentation modes, aiming functionality and Datalogic’s patented Green Spot, the scanner’s handling is highly intuitive and increases productivity. Depending on the application area, choose between the cable-bound model, the Bluetooth version and those with 433 MHz radio technology. The Bluetooth model offers great flexibility, thanks to its 30 m radio range and storage of 1,200 codes in batch mode.

Just like the standard versions of the Gryphon I 4400, the healthcare variants also read all common 1D and 2D barcodes – printed on paper labels as well as from computer monitors and mobile device displays. This simplifies data capture and output in increasingly complex electronic clinic systems in individual cases significantly. Even read fast-moving barcodes reliably and quickly thanks to the outstanding motion tolerance.

With a special matching function, increase hospital patient safety, for example, with the administration of medication. With the Gryphon you are able to temporarily store a barcode and compare it with another barcode. If, for example, the value stored in barcode 1 in the patient‘s record matches what is printed on the medicine in barcode 2, the Green Spot directly shows the scan confirmation on the barcode. This effectively minimizes the risk of confusion of patients and medications.

  • Powerful handheld imagers designed for the healthcare sector
  • Disinfectant-ready housing with anti-microbial additives
  • Omnidirectional reading of all 1D, 2D, post and stacked codes
  • Choice of cable-bound, wireless and Bluetooth (30 m) versions
  • Automatic switching between handheld and presentation modes, thanks to motion sensing



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