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  • Motorola CS3000 Barcode Reader
    Motorola CS3000 Barcode Reader

    The Motorola CS3000 from Motorola embodies professional pocket applications in bar code scanning. With high performance, it scans a particularly

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  • Motorola DS3508 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS3508 Barcode Reader

    The DS3508/ER industrial scanner from Motorola stands for excellent performance and robustness for 1D, 2D and image scanning in industrial

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  • Motorola DS3578 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS3578 Barcode Reader

    The wireless DS3578/ER industrial scanner from Motorola is perfectly suited for meeting demanding requirements in industry and production.

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  • Motorola DS4208 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS4208 Barcode Reader

    Using the Motorola imager DS4208, users capture 1D and 2D barcodes with a speed and performance that usually only laser scanners are able

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  • Motorola DS4308 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS4308 Barcode Reader

    The Motorola DS4308 area imager gives users an extra boost of speed. Thanks to PRZM intelligent imaging technology it ensures for excellent

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  • Motorola DS4800 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS4800 Barcode Reader

    Those who place great value on an exclusive design must also select the corresponding checkout hardware. The barcode scanners of the DS4800

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  • Motorola DS6707/6708 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS6707/6708 Barcode Reader

    The 6700 series from Motorola offers extraordinary performance for scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes as well as a number of extra features,

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  • Motorola DS6878 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS6878 Barcode Reader

    The cordless Motorola DS6878 handheld scanner from Motorola is the ideal solution for applications at the POS, in gastronomy and office automation

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  • Motorola DS9808 Barcode Reader
    Motorola DS9808 Barcode Reader

    The new Motorola DS9808 presentation scanner from Motorola continues the legacy of the successful MX2000: high flexibility and a modern

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  • Motorola LI2208 Barcode Reader
    Motorola LI2208 Barcode Reader

    The advancement of a successful model: the linear imager LI2208 from Motorola is built upon the successful laser variant LS2208,

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  • Motorola LI4278 Barcode Reader
    Motorola LI4278 Barcode Reader

    Simply scan: the LI4278 is the first wireless Bluetooth linear imager from Motorola. It scans not only 1D barcodes on printed media but also

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  • Motorola LS2208 Barcode Reader
    Motorola LS2208 Barcode Reader

    The handheld LS2208 scanner from Motorola Technologies offers high quality scan performance at a reasonable price. It is ideal for a large number

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